Jennifer was born in St. Andrews, Scotland. From an early age, a passion for reading and writing was instilled in her by her mother Lorraine: a college librarian and human encyclopedia. Here is an about the author: written in 1978 by Jennifer's mother for a grade level writing contest.
"...Favorite activities of this young author, besides writing, include bike riding, watching TV, art, and reading. Her writing career began at the age of three with the book, The Green Valentine Who Wanted to be Red. This was followed by Cookie Monster went to Cookie Land. When she was in the second grade, she won the grand prize with her book Mickey and the Wondrous Dream. Jennifer plans to continue writing, so her fans are in for continued treats."

Jennifer graduated from Lubbock High School, the local magnet school. Throughout High School, she was involved in her school's yearbook journalism program and its dance department. She graduated in the top 10 percent of her class and was admitted into Angelo State University. During the 80s she developed a deep love for the state of Texas and its rich and exciting history.


In the 90s,Jennifer attended Angelo State University and received her Bachelors in Elementary Education. While at ASU, she was on their drill team, the Angelettes. Soon after, she received her Masters in Library Science from The University of North Texas.  She worked as a pre-school and second-grade teacher before becoming a librarian. She worked as a librarian in the Lewisville area and at the Lamplighter School for six years. It was here she began to also write professionally. In '99, she married a fellow educator and U.S Navy veteran.

Best friends, heading to the mall, 1985!
Big 80's hair!

The 2000s were a whirlwind. Jennifer had her first article published in LMC in 2002, the same year she began to grow her family. She now has three children. Her first book was published in 2004. Ready, Set, Motivate! is an informational educational research book on how to enrich a student's learning experience. Jennifer and her husband moved from the Dallas area to the Austin area where they now reside with their three teenagers.  


In 2013 after driving home from a ballet, Jennifer's daughter said, "Mom, you should totally write a Texas version of the Nutcracker!"  After toying with it for a year, the story was more Texas spoof than real Texas.  Yet an impromptu summer vacation to West Texas provided unexpected inspiration when the Fort Davis Historical Site provided Jennifer with a lightning bolt of inspiration.  The story re-wrote itself on the spot!  The manuscript was retooled and polished.  In 2015, Pelican Publishing bought the rights to the traditional story that Jennifer had crafted with the historical Texas twist.  It will release October 1, 2018.

Fort Davis Mountains
Perfect setting for the Texas Nutcracker!
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