I love sharing my passion for writing with children!  As a certified teacher and librarian with 25 years of experience, I can customize any presentation, so please contact me if you have any questions or requests.



Solo Author Appearances:

Max: 3 presentations per day, 100-200 students per visit

Each session: 45-50 minutes’ long

1 presentation: $295

2 presentations: $350

3 presentations: $450

All prices are for good within 120 miles of Austin, Texas; outside of this range, travel expenses will apply, contact me for more info.


"What an absolute pleasure it was to have Jennifer Coleman join my 4th-grade class! I have never seen my kids listen so intently and show such curiosity and interest, and we all know how difficult that is these days! This was such a great use of time because of how informative and entertaining it was. Check her out!"

 Ms. Burch, 4th grade teacher

Jennifer Coleman is an author who takes her authentic life experiences, historical research, and interests to engage her gentle readers to live vicariously through her books. The Texas Nutcracker is a riveting story, providing a twist to a classic with it\'s rich Texas history and imagery. If you are a lover of the Christmas tale, The Nutcracker, you will love this story. Again, Thank You!
-----Dr. Maria Teresa Leos-Duemer, FCS Teacher